Multiple user sessions in Workspace / Pulse

Hi all,

I have received a hint / question from a client regarding the count of user sessions in Pulse when a user is logged on to PAW. The question is, if multiple widgets within a PAW workbook are counted as sessions individually, leading to an incorrect number of displayed user sessions in Pulse.

Does anyone know if that is the case?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @mfynmore,

PAW uses the REST API to connect to the TM1 Server, which introduced a Session ID as consequence of this change, the Thread ID is shared amongst various sessions, which before the introduction of the REST API was the unique identifier for the user’s sessions. The current Pulse 5.x uses the old TM1 API in order to connect to the TM1 sever, this API only provides data regarding the Thread IDs.

Pulse 6 with the use of the REST API will fix this situation.

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Hi @ecarmona,

Do you have an ETA on Pulse 6 release?


Hi @ubozkurt,

Currently we do not have a release date yet, @Vincent, will update you as soon the release date is defined.