MultiBar Horizontal Chart Stacked Labels

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to have the labels display for a stacked multibar Horizontal chart?

If the chart is set to grouped, the labels display but not if set to stacked.

If one takes Group C as an example in the screenshots below:
For grouped - we have labels but bars are split:

For stacked - the result im looking for, but labels are missing:

I have already tried:

  • passing in the ‘showValues:true’ property via the ‘tm1-options-override’ on the tm1-ui-chart directive
  • just using the ‘tm1-show-values=“true”’ property on the tm1-ui-chart directive itself (and not passing in the the setting via tm1-options-override


Ended up taking a different approach for this solution.

Labels does not seem possible at present with angular NVD3, but one can write your own with D3 it seems:

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