Multi Subset Selection

Hi experts,

Demo UX - a16.f1.v1
When I first went to the file - it will show me all products based on MDX code.

Then I chose different subsets:

It doesn’t seem to have option to go back to the products based on MDX code. The only way to do so is to close widget and open it again?


This is simply how the screen has been setup. Usually if configuring subset selection for a widget or view then the initial state of the widget would have the rows based on a subset and that subset would be one of the ones in the subset toggle list.

The demo application is showcasing things that you can do with the tool. The objective of this screen is to show how conditional formatting of one column can be based off the values in another column. That the user can’t return to the original set isn’t really relevant.

In edit mode simply change the list type of the product dimension to “subset” and select “Accessories” and save changes. Then you would be able to get back to the original layout.