Migration to Pulse v6.1.0 from v5.8

Hi Team,

We need to migrate from Pulse v5.8.1 to Pulse v6.1.0.

Disk D: Less than 40GB free and has TM1 Data

Requested for more space but considering other requirements, we have one doubt/question which we would like to get confirmation:

Can we do direct migration to Pulse v6.1.0 from v5.8.1 or we have to first migrate to any lower versions in Pulse v6?

Please guide. Thanks in advance!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I suggest you reach out directly to Code team and share some details of the customer and the TM1 model(s). Pulse v6 requires some planning as it is much more resource hungry than Pulse 5. It is better to run it on a separate server if possible. But you need to spec it carefully and involve someone from Code team.

Hi @gpriyanka ,

Yes, you can install Pulse v6.1 on top of Pulse v5.8.1. Just run the v6.1 installer, it is going to uninstall Pulse 5 and install Pulse 6.

However as @cw-ch-scott mentioned, there are a few things that you should be aware of before upgrading to Pulse v6, you should go through the following article:

I hope this help,



Thanks for all responses, will check mentioned docs. Cheers!