Migration to a new server

I cannot get the history from my old QUAL environment into my new QUAL environment. Is there a specific structure/format to the ServerNameOverride? Should it include the HTTP or not, or something like that? Does it need to be a fully qualified domain name?
Once I followed the steps of copying in the various folders and making sure that the license file was correct - I could not login to Pulse with either the new server name or the old server name.

I am in the Eastern Time Zone so a webex early in the morning Australian time will work.

Hi David,
the ServerNameOverride parameter expects the machine name where Pulse was originally running.
This would not have any suffixes, e.g. if your old machine name is prod.mycorp.com, you would set the parameter value to just prod.
Just for your reference, you can log issues on our Pulse support website at: https://support.cubewise.com/code/pulse/issues

Please let me know if this is working for you.

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