Migrating Pulse between different servers (ServerNameOverride Parameter)

Hi all,

We have observed few challenges while following https://code.cubewise.com/docs/keep-pulse-history-while-migrating

Server name we are putting in ServerNameOverride is case sensitive, it accepted “ip-0AA060AF.domain.com” instead of “IP-0AA060AF.domain.com" or "ip-0aa060af.domain.com”.

Would be helpful if -

  • Servername be made case insensitive?
  • Best case for auto-deployment in case of a totally new DB - the accepted server name if it could be written in some file/log, where we(script) can see and use it in scripts code for auto deployment.

Also a Q whether it takes full FQDN or just server name?

Hi @shallabh.khera,

Pulse Server Name is case insensitive, as Pulse will always use and store and record with the Upper Case of the Server Name. Can you try just “IP-0AA060AF"? Pulse uses the Host Name as the Server Name. You can check the detected Server Name when Pulse starts in 2 places:

A) In the the pulse logs (located under /Pulse For TM1/logs), you will see the server name detected at the beginning of both, log files, either server.log or pulse.log.

B) in the Database by using the Reader User as described here.



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Thanks it worked.