Migrating Pulse between different servers (ServerNameOverride Parameter)



Hi all,

We have observed few challenges while following https://code.cubewise.com/docs/keep-pulse-history-while-migrating

Server name we are putting in ServerNameOverride is case sensitive, it accepted “ip-0AA060AF.domain.com” instead of “IP-0AA060AF.domain.com" or "ip-0aa060af.domain.com”.

Would be helpful if -

  • Servername be made case insensitive?
  • Best case for auto-deployment in case of a totally new DB - the accepted server name if it could be written in some file/log, where we(script) can see and use it in scripts code for auto deployment.

Also a Q whether it takes full FQDN or just server name?


Hi @shallabh.khera,

Pulse Server Name is case insensitive, as Pulse will always use and store and record with the Upper Case of the Server Name. Can you try just “IP-0AA060AF"? Pulse uses the Host Name as the Server Name. You can check the detected Server Name when Pulse starts in 2 places:

A) In the the pulse logs (located under /Pulse For TM1/logs), you will see the server name detected at the beginning of both, log files, either server.log or pulse.log.

B) in the Database by using the Reader User as described here.




Thanks it worked.