Migrating instances to new environments

Hi There,

We’re installing a pair of new PROD and DEV environments that will gradually receive the instances from the old environments in the old servers. The new servers have new Pulse installations and the client wants to bring, with each instance, the respective Pulse data to the new server (already using MS SQL DB). So, the questions are:

  1. Is that feasible?
  2. Can it be done via Pulse interface or only via DB?



Hi @jpaulo,

Doing it gradually isn’t an easy option, it would take lots of manually work and be tricky to make sure it works. To do it in one go is much easier and there a couple of options to make it happen. The easiest way is use the old server name in Pulse:

Hi @tryan,

Thanks for the reply. We’ve talked to the client so we can simplify the migration in one Go.

So, moving forward, that article seems to fit scenarios where the original environment is using the embedded database. In our case, it’s using MS SQL Database in a third server that will not be migrated. That said, can we point the new installation to the old database and then change the serverNameOverride parameter?



Hi @jpaulo,

Yes, that is correct. Setting the ServerNameOverride value to the old server name will allow you to use the same database.