Migrate Pulse 5 packages to Pulse 6


As per this page Things to consider when upgrading from Pulse 5 to Pulse 6 - Cubewise CODE there should be a Recreate button when opening a Pulse 5 package in Pulse 6, but I’m not able to find it.
Could you please guide me?

Hi @cpopa ,

The Recreate button is on the page where you view the package’ details:



Thank you @plim. Just to double check: by recreating the package will convert the Pulse 5 to 6 package, but with the current TM1 object version, not keeping the original state, right? The goal is to keep the original state.

Yes, when you recreate a package it takes the object list and recreates the package with the current definition on the source server. I don’t think there is any way to convert a pulse 5 package to pulse 6 while keeping the object definitions as is (or “as was”).

Will the rollback of an object (process, rule, dimension etc) still be possible from the current state to the pre-upgrade state?

Do you mean roll back to a state the was saved via Pulse 5? No.

Rollback works only for Pulse 6 types of changes. The way it was stored before in Pulse 5 is different from the way it is now in Pulse 6 due to the REST API.