Migrate (export/import) HTML Snippets

What’s the best way to migrate the HMTL Snippets?
The content is stored in }ElementAttributes_}APQ UX Snippet but it’s not included during export with }APQ.UX.Dim.App.Export.
Currently the manual creation then code copy/paste works OK, but it would be safer and more comfortable to use the export process.

What version of UX and what version of the content store are you using?

Because there is a Dim.Snippet.Export and Dim.Snippet.Import process and as well the Dim.App.Export process will automatically call Dim.Snippet.Export for all snippets for which apps being exported have a dependency.

I’m running UX and the CS should be in sync with this version (I think). However, the processes you refer to are not there.
Do you know which was the first version that included them?

The code snippet utility processes and automating snippet import/export with app import/export was done in July for the 2020.08 release.

I would suggest that you upgrade the web app and CS to the 2020.11 version (current release).