Metadata Syn - Error when click the "Run Fetch"

Hi Apliqo expert,
I managed to create the store credentials. However, when I tried to click the “Run Fetch” under the metadata syn, I received the following error. Please advise. Thanks.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “D:\codebase\compile_toolkit\src\”, line 3715, in
File “D:\codebase\compile_toolkit\src\”, line 3704, in run
File “D:\codebase\compile_toolkit\src\”, line 3288, in transfer_security
File “D:\codebase\compile_toolkit\src\”, line 3087, in loop_instances
File “TM1py\Utils\”, line 685, in getitem
KeyError: (‘[}apquxinstance].[}apquxinstance].[contentstore]’, ‘[’)
[3644] Failed to execute script ‘UXInstallToolkit’ due to unhandled exception!
UX Toolkit
(c) 2021 Apliqo AG
Version: Production

Transferring security…
Loading and parsing application settings [settings.json].
Using path to instances.json supplied from settings.json [C:/ApliqoServer/webapps/BE_Planning/WEB-INF/instances.json].
Application settings loaded.
Loading instances.json file [C:\ApliqoServer\webapps\BE_Planning\WEB-INF\instances.json].
Loaded instances.json file
Decoding password for content store
Prerequisite for Content Store model version passed, using version 2023.02.0 >= minimum (2020.08).
Prerequisites tests passed.
None of the instances is marked as default, credentials from content store [contentStore] will be used.

May I ask you to provide your settings.json content? Have you modified the file manually? Could you please include your instances.json as well?

I managed to solve the problem by running the “Initial Toolkits”. Thanks.


Great - thanks for the update.