Message log not reading tm1server.log

Dear team,

We’re currently facing an issue related to the Message log in Live monitor.
It is supposed to read from tm1server.log and report the same messages but it shows nothing despite messages being written in tm1server.log and having no errors in Pulse’s server.log.
We also checked file and it’s the exact same of other instances placed in other servers that don’t have this issue. Windows services Log On As options are the same as well.
Do you know what else we could take a look at to understand where the problem is?


Hi @n.santini,

If Pulse is restarted does it start to read the lines?

Hi @tryan,

Thanks for the quick reply.
Pulse could read the file, but we seem to have found a solution. Apparently in Instance Settings, changing the user’s password for Documentation / Change Tracking Settings did the trick (might be that the password stored there wasn’t the correct one).
I will let you know if the problem comes back in the future.