Message in Log alert doesn't work pulse version 5.8

We’re in the process to implement Pulse for TM1 for our client. We were testing Pulse’s features before rolling it out to the end users/administrators. During testing we found that the Message in Log alert doesn’t work. All other alerts work alright, and Logoutput statement is valid for our TM1 version.

Here are the details of the test case :

  1. Create a TI Process with Logoutput statement on TM1 Server.
  2. Create & save a ‘Message in Log’ alert in Pulse with a keyword from the logoutput string, embedded in * wildcard.
  3. Execute the TI process & wait for the alert to be sent to the designated notification group.

Pulse Version : 5.8


Hi @drd,

Could you check if there is any error in the Pulse.log when the alert is supposed to be triggered, could you please show us the screenshot of your alerts page?



Thanks Erik for your reply.
We did some more testing & found that the alert is being sent but only if the keyword is in the default message log of tm1 server. The alert has a problem when we look for a keyword in the logoutput statement.

e.g. if we look for a TI process name keyword ‘sys’ after running a TI that has ‘sys’ in it’s name, it will send the alert. But if the same TI process has a Logoutput statement as ‘This is a test of Pulse alert’ & if we modify the alert to look for keyword ‘Pulse’ it will not send the alert.

Hi @drd,

Could you test the following:

A) modify your Logoutput, to something like this:

 'Pulse: This is an Alert test'

B) Then in your Alert you set up the pattern like ‘Pulse*’



Thanks again for your reply Erik.
We tried the message & keyword as suggested.
Interestingly, it worked for the first time & the subsequent executions failed.
Pulse services restart didn’t help either.

Hi @drd,

This alert, has a delay of a number of minutes, most likely you will require to set this alert more frequently. There is not need to restart the Pulse services.



Just to add to what @ecarmona said, when you set up the Alert, the default interval is set to 5 min:


It means that if your message appears 5 times in 5 min, you will receive only one alert. This has be done to avoid receiving too many alerts.

More information about how to use the LogOutPut TM1 function with a Message in Log alert can be found here:



Hi Vincent & Erik,
Thanks for your replies.
That did the trick.
My interval was already set at 1 min, but I guess I was executing it faster.
There was also a gap in my understanding.
I assumed repeat interval kicks in for the ‘same alert’ ( meaning ‘same subject & keyword’ ).
Hence was doing the tests by changing the keyword & subject.
However I did some tests & can now confirm that ‘same alert’ means the ‘same alert instance irrespective of the keyword & subject’.

Here are the tests for everyone to refer :

  1. Create two similar ‘Message in Log’ alerts, with the only difference being Repeat interval.
    Repeat interval 1 = 0 (real time)
    Repeat interval 2 = 2 ( 2 minute delay )

  2. Execute a TI with logoutput, you should get two alerts.

  3. Execute the same TI again, you should get only one alert. (2nd alert is not true)

  4. Execute the same TI 2 minutes after the first one, you should get two alerts again. ( 2nd alert is true now ).

Thanks for your prompt help Erik.

The issue now is resolved.