Media Upload Preview Size

Hi all,

I was trying to upload an image, the size is very long and narrow, and since the upload screen is a pop up, what happen right now is:

  1. The preview image blocked the widget at the bottom. It is a TI process to do further action therefore it needs to be there.
  2. Let say moving the TI widget above the Media Upload widget, when I click the button, it’s giving a notification, and the notification is now overlaying the preview and it does take quite some effort to locate the exact widget and click “OK” button for notification.
  3. I have tried to change the height to a fixed value, the widget itself has fixed the height, but unfortunately the preview still overlaying the screen and extending the preview all the way to the bottom and also kinda “enlarged the image” for some reason, together producing many scrollbars on the widget even on a full screen mode, that doesn’t look nice at all.
  4. I have tried to change the height to auto or %, similar behaviour as #3.

So how do I fix the height of the actual preview? I can see the width can be fixed and working perfectly right now.

But ultimately I want the preview to somehow proportioned to the width and height of the widget, so that the preview won’t be distorted to something unreadable.

How do I properly configure that in UX so that it would behave to the way I wanted?



I think there’s a workaround that you can use the card setting function” toggle card body” to hide or show the preview image with which the other widgets wouldn’t get blocked. Hope that will address your issues.

Can you send an example of this?