MDX SUM on Canvas

Hi there,

We have a requirement to do multi-select elements on a dimension, and on some summary KPI, the value should reflect the sum of the selected elements, just like the roll-up function in subset editor.

Is it possible? If so, how do we realise this requirement?

Thanks a million


Hi @twong,

How many elements could they select? Easiest way would retrieve them all and then SUM then on the client side in an Angular expression or in JavaScript. It wouldn’t be a good option in there are 1000’s of items.


We’ve done some client side totals/summaries along the lines that @tryan mentions, by creating arrays of selected items and looping through the get the values and creating a client-side total via angular.

But, as mentioned, that will only really be that efficient with a handful of selections.

Where we’ve have to deal with large selections of data that returns a sub total or whatever that’s required on the fly, we’ve pushed the selected array back to a placeholder in TM1 and let the back-end do the lifting, and return what we need.