Managing Change Frequency from TM1

In one of our clients, we are facing some rollback issues where our process conflict with pulse processes( }src_dim_export ).
We are investigating the issue to avoid rollback but as a workaround we are considering to disable Pulse process during process run.
So is there any way to change this “Change Frequency” via TI?
or is there any other alternative to temporarily disable this feature via TI?



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To disable entirely and log changes only during scheduled documentation run set to 0.
For some customers we have this set to 600 where there are dimension updates which take a while as otherwise this can cause quite a lot of noise but sometimes it isn’t enough and disabling the change monitoring is the only way.
I agree that being able to programatically disable the change monitoring at the beginning of a certain process or chore and then enable it again at the conclusion would be a useful feature.
You should log an RFE at

Thanks @cw-ch .
Then I see it is currently not possible to do so.
Will create RFE

Hi @monder,

That currently isn’t possible.