Login credentials added to search

Is anyone else experiencing the continuous adding of the login username to the search box within Arc v1.10.0? Its becoming annoying as I have to continuously remove the username to see objects.

I confirm the same behavior from the very early versions.

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this is Chrome trying to be “helpful”. You need to go into Chrome settings > autofill > passwords and remove the Arc URL and then tell google not to remember user name and password for the site on next login.

I had autofill and remember username / password on in the previous version of Arc (1.9) without this occurring. But will follow the steps and login every time.

Thank you for the help and speedy response.

Hi @vbrink,

As already highlighted this is not caused by Arc, your browser has decide that the text box should have that info auto-filled.

Enable the Store Credentials option in Settings and you will never have to enter credentials again:


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