Load from Excel - How does it work?

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Demo: a16.f12.v2
Could you please help me to understand how “Load from Excel” works?

I know that we will need to build from “Toolbar PopUp” but I’m not too sure how to build the Cube Setting. Does it need to be exactly the same setting from main View? Also, how to get an the excel version to upload?

I tried to export the load excel version, input some numbers and uploaded but I received this error message and it was running like this forever:


This popup is currently broken and needs to be fixed! (@atrajer can you please make sure the demo app is fixed for next release on this screen?) To configure the Excel upload widget all that is needed is to drag the relevant dimensions to the correct place in the rows and columns. In this instance you would put product on rows and version and month on columns like this. Youcan ignore all other dimensions and leave them undefined for Excel Upload widget. You don’t deed to configure dimension settings for Excel upload. All that matters is which dimensions are on rows and columns.

So the popup then looks like this.

Then to use the load from Excel feature you would just export to Excel from the main view.

The Excel looks like this.

Then in Excel you can change the values and save.

You then drag the Excel file to the uploader widget.

When you click load the data is written back and when you close the popup you see the changes in the main dashboard or view. Note: the uploader only updates the cells which are writeable. Any cells which are consolidations, rule calculated, or the user has no write access to are automatically skipped.

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Thanks @cw-ch

Just want to clarify this: “To configure the Excel upload widget all that is needed is to drag the relevant dimensions to the correct place in the rows and columns”. Do we need to put any specific MDX code in there or everything just “Default”?

2, Will it work with Asymmetric MDX on Stacked dimensions for both rows and column?

Thank you very much!

Yes it will work with as many stacked row and column dimensions as you want to configure. It doesn’t matter if the Excel sheet is asymetric and only the row-by-row tuple identity is what matters.

The stacking order of the dimensions on rows and columns just tells the uploader widget which dimension to match the element name from the header to and how to compose the update query.

As already stated only the position of the dimensions matters. Any further configuration is irrelevant and ignorred.

Thanks @cw-ch Have a great weekend!