Limitation of the rows in UX

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Can I limit the rows display in the Grid widget in UX?
I tried to use TopCount on the row of MDX, but the result is not my expectation because I already used Non Empty (Suppress Zero) on the row of MDX.
is there any way can do the row limitation?



So you want to paginate?

I just would like to let users see a part of the data (there are over 3000 rows, limit them to see the top 1000)
But paginate is also ok, how can I do it on UX?

One option might be to use Head(Set_Expression [ ,Count ] ) on the rows set expression.

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I would also suggest the same. The only issue is that this will work great for non zero supressed views but once zero supression is switched on then the number of records displaying could be quite unpredictable.