Left arrow key doesn't work in text entry DBR


When entering string commentary in a DBR cell the left arrow key doesn’t work. (right arrow key works fine). So the only way to go back a few keystrokes to correct a typo is to use the mouse.

The left arrow key when WITHIN the text in a cell still has the Shift+Tab function of cell left. Right arrow has character right function as expected with within text in cell and when whole cell same as Tab of next cell to right. So I would class this as a bug, the behaviour of left & right arrow when within text should be consistent.


Hi @cw-ch,

These cells, are they all in the same html table?

Because if they are not, then it was not intended to work that way.

The arrow key navigation were intended to work with DBRs that are within a table. Meaning, if you have two tables and with DBRs between them, the arrow keys are intended to let you navigate within a table only - not inter table.



Hi Paul,

Not talking from cell to cell or table to table here. The issue is that within a cell being edited the right arrow key does as expected and goes from character to character to the right withing the text but the left arrow doesn’t move one character to the left within the active cell but deactivates the cell being edited and jumps to the next cell to the left. This is not the desired or expected behavior.

For an example just look at the Timesheet app.


Hi @cw-ch,

I see what you mean now, and I was able to simulate the issue, thanks!

We will look into this and update this topic afterwards.




The arrow keys now work in the following way:

  • If the value is a number a left or right arrow key will move to the previous/next cell
  • If the value is a string it will only move if:
  • All the text is selected
  • Left if the cursor is at the start of the text box
  • Right if the cursor is at the end of the text box.

The above rules only apply if dbr’s are within a HTML table.


Thanks. Makes sense how it works now.