Large number of user connections for same user since UX upgrade

Hello Experts,

We recently upgraded UX to 2024.02 FP1. Since the upgrade, we have seen occasions where in Pulse we see multiple connections to our TM1 servers for the same user, upwards of 100 connections for a single user at times. This will happen a few times each day.

To date, there is no pattern as to what users this is happening for, or even what TM1 servers it occurs on (we have two TM1 servers plus the UX content store). This doesn’t appear to affect end users, although yesterday we had a report of a user struggling to log in to UX and this seemed to be triggering dozens of connections to the TM1 server.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour before? Any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem?


I’m going to follow along on this thread as this intermittently happens in my environment as well, even though we don’t actually use Apliqo. When using PAW this happens a lot, though I’ve seen PAFE cause this as well. I believe, though am not sure, it has to do with query sharding. If there’s a big query that TM1S can split, it does and it generates individual threads to separately calc portions. Curious if the experts can provide more details.