Labels on charts: display negative values with "()" instead of "-"

I’ve tried going through prior posts and the highcharts documentation, but I can’t find this topic covered anywhere.
Is there any way to change the number formatting on data labels to display negatives with brackets instead of minus symbol? In the example below, to display -13.10m as (13.10)m

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

In the advanced options for the widget you should find something like …

  "chartOptions": {
    "plotOptions": {
      "series": {
        "dataLabels": {
          "enabled": true,
          "format": "{point:,.2f}"

The number format of the data label is encoded after the colon. In the example above ,.2f means comma as thousand separator with 2 decimal points (#,##0.00 in standard Excel or TM1 formatting).

The number formats for Highcharts are pretty obscure and my google foo was undable to come up with any site or documentation that lists some examples. But I think with a bit of experimentation and maybe some better quality googling you should be able to crack it.