KPI Trend - Multiple Bugs

Hi Cubewisers,

I’ve found what appear to be multiple bugs with the KPI Trend widget. I am using the Apliqo Demo as reference but we see the same behaviour in our local instance:

  • The main value shown is for the first period in the trend, wouldn’t it make more sense if it was the last period? E.g. if a rolling 12 months is shown in the trendline, it would be better if the main KPI value showed the last month in that rolling 12-month period. In the screenshot, the value of 44.9 K for All Products is the January value

  • What shows as the comparison version value is actually the second month’s actual value. E.g. in the screenshot, the value of 34.4 K for All Products is the February value, not the Budget value

  • Subsequent KPI boxes (where multiple measures have been specified) are actually showing a continuation of the values from the first measure. E.g. in the screenshot, the values of 48.3 K Actual and 47.8 K Budget for Accessories are actually the March and April Actual values for All Products

Are these known issues?

Many thanks,

Hi David,

These sound like valid issues. You should create a bug report

Thanks @cw-ch, bug report created.

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