Issues with Pulse after upgrade to 5.7.5 version

After upgrading to Pulse version 5.7.5 some functions are not working well:

  1. we have lost the history of user sessions (should be around 56 unique users, we have 21 only, also total minutes and sessions are very low)
  2. sessions don’t seem to log out, see Zuzana in the first screenshot below (parameter in config :IdleConnectionTimeOutSeconds=7200)
  3. as the screenshots below taken same day show, the user sessions ( first screenshot, live monitoring) are not being reflected in User sessions (second screenshot, Reports/User analytics)

Hi @zkaya,

Were you upgraded from Pulse v5.5.1 or previous version?

If you lost the history, it means that the Pulse data migration which happens when upgrading Pulse from Pulse v5.5.1, failed. There could be different reasons why the migration failed.

You can try to redo the migration by following these steps:

  1. Stop Pulse services
  2. Delete the new docs.h2.db
  3. Rename docs.h2.db.bak to docs.h2.db
  4. Rename Monitor.db.back to Monitor.db
  5. Start Pulse services (Pulse is going to retry the migration)



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Hi @zkaya,

Complementing Vincent’s answer, you can additional look in the pulse.log, if the issue is migration related, the errors would be noticeable in the log file.