Issue with export to excel

We have a user specific issue with a view application in a wizard. We’ve confirmed most users (admin and non-admin) can export the view to Excel without issue. This user only has read access to the data in the report, but sees all data as expected. When he tries either Export > Excel with Filter Values or Export > Excel (Load Format), then screen just doesn’t do anything. Exporting to PDF works fine.

I thought it might be cache or some setting on the browser (Chrome), so had him switch to Edge but had the same issue.

Then I (an admin) signed on in his Edge browser and the export worked. This leads me to believe that it’s a permissions issue, but I don’t know where or why export permissions would be restricted.

I’m not aware of anything which would prevent export to Excel as long as the user had read permissions to all the cubes used in the widget.

Have you been able to replicate this for any other user or on the standard demo model?