Issue for widget type : 'canvas cube viewer''

Hi all,

I got a issue on suppressing zero to a cube view.
The left side of the sreenshot is a cube view, which ‘suppress zero’ function works fine here.
If I copy the MDX query from the cube view to MDX Tool (the right side of the screenshot), row ‘cash 03’ which equals to 0 will show on the screen. ‘suppress zero’ function doesn’t work fine here.

I met this issue while using ‘canvas cube viewer’ as widget type. I need to suppress zero for this view but failed. Since the views showed on UX are all queried by MDX, wondering if it’s a bug of MDX? Did anyone faced this issue before and how can i fix it? Thanks.

Hi @mwu,

You can try the following:

  • Open up devtools in chrome (press F12 or via menu shown below) and select the network tab
  • Go to the MDX Tool page and run the MDX
  • On the devtools tab inspect the response that is received for the page (should be the first _async query coming in after ExecuteMDX)

you can check what values are coming back here.
And perhaps try something similar on the UX side of things.