Is there any way to load missing tm1server.log data into Pulse?

Hi team- Please note that in our pulse version (6.1.0)data is missing from for a particular time period. Can you please confirm if there is any option/workaround available to make this missing data available in Pulse? Additionally could you point us the parameter used to cleanup logs in pulse ?

Hi @ksekar4 ,

No sorry there is no way right now to load previous tm1server.log files into Pulse.

By the way Pulse v6.1.0 is two years old (7 releases behind), I highly recommend you to upgrade Pulse asap, the latest version is v6.3.1: · Wiki · Cubewise CODE / Pulse · GitLab



Hi Vincent,

We are seeing the following error message in pulse.log file 2024-03-06 02:00:02 ERROR TM1Instance http://servername:8018/api/v1/$batch: Unable to send batch of requests - 503 The TM1 service responded with code 503. PFA for reference.

Additionally could you point us the parameter explanation used in pulse.cfg ?

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Pulse error mesage.txt (9.97 KB)

Hi Keerthi,
This error is reported usually when the TM1 service is busy and not able to handle the REST api call from Pulse.
It would be good to provide a background regarding when you were seeing this error message in the log. (i.e. What actions in Pulse was responsible for these error.)
Do you need explanation for any particular parameter in pulse.cfg ?

Hello @ksekar4,

Which logs do you want Pulse to clean up? If you want do clean up the tm1server logs, you can do it from the Pulse Web application, going to ‘Administration/Instance Settings’ and updating the parameter in ‘Delete Files older Than: X’:

Pulse will delete any tm1server log older than the number you specify there.