Is it possible to search an entire server instance and all objects for a variable name

I have fields that are coming in from my Data Source and pushed into Variables in a cube that I do not believe are then used anywhere within any of the processes or cubes in PA after pulled in. We are currently undergoing some data conversion and I would like to get rid of some of these unnecessary fields/variables, but want to make 100% sure they are not used anywhere. I know I can currently go to a specific process that I know uses the data source and see if it is using the variable for populating the cube under that one process, but is there anyway to search the entire server (to include Processes, Cubes, Rules Editor, etc) to verify the variable is not being referenced elsewhere?

If you use notepad++ you can search within a folder for all files of a certain type for a given piece of text (presumably you should just need to search pro and rux files)

Maybe not in Arc but you can do this with the search feature in Pulse provided the documentation sync has run.

We have a utility TI process that does something similar to what @ashley.carey does in Notepad above. This utility will create a TXT output that contains all the places where the parameterized variable is referenced in the .PRO or .RUX files. This process will not search the .DIM | .CUB | Subsets | Views objects.

Feel free to reach out to me via email ( to demo the utility TI.

Pulse can do this via the search icon in the top right.

The Arc team is currently working on integrating major features of Pulse into the Arc UI. Possibly as soon as the next release, you will be able to use Arc to search an entire instance, then use the result set in Arc.

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