Is it possible to get multiple alias value when multiple row dimensions exist in $tm1ui.resultsetTransform method?

Dear Team,

I’m using $tm1ui.resultsetTransform method for retrieving the alias value for the row dimension.It’s is working perfectly for the single row dimension. My requirement is to have alias value for multiple row dimensions. I have tried below steps to achieve this but I couldn’t.

For eg.
Multiple row dimensions(Values set in option object in alias) :

In this above image, I’m passing multiple row dimensions values but in the result, I’m not getting multiple aliases values.I’m getting the only default value.

Is there any solution for this requirement?

Thanks in advance!

Prasanna R

Hi @rprasanna,

Do you mean something like this?

We have an example on how you can do it under Named MDX page.

Though it might just show the principal element name on your sample, you just need to access the alias property instead of name. So on the HTML side of that page, you might see something like {{}}, you just need to switch it to {{el.alias}} to show the alias defined on the subset if there is any.

Otherwise you can alternatively get the other attributes to display by accessing the element property through: <element>.element.attributes['<attribute>'].

Also note, that you can find out other information by using console.log() on the returned object.


Dear Paul,

Thanks. Yes, I can able to access the attribute through the element property.It’s working perfectly for multiple row dimensions.

Prasanna R