"Invalid JSON" error when saving LARGE rule to a LARGE cube

Always getting this error (after long time waiting) “Invalid SON: expected ArraySeparator, received Error” when saving a large rule to a large cube.

After the error, the “rule” was cut to 300 lines (from 3000+ lines). At the moment the alternative is to shutdown the server, and replace the RULE file, and restart the server. and it works (with out any issue about the RULE code itself). Really appreciate any suggestions!

Detail info:

  • Cube # of dimensions: 25 dims
  • Cube size: 50~70g
  • Rule code : 3000+ lines
  • Server OS: Linux (CentOS)
  • TM1 Version:
  • Arc Version: 2.2.0
  • Browser : Chrome

Hi @lwang,

With any issues like this you should use the Chrome debug console (F12) to see what the network request is doing. Check to see if the full rule file is being posted back to the server. The will be a PATCH request to Cubes('NamofCube'). The request that fails will be red.

What if you try to save the rule from Architect?

We had a similar situation like the above. After many iterations of this occurrence we were able to identify that if you open the rule file in Architect | Perspectives and save the rule, it has an impact on the format | structure of the RUX file. Opening the same rules then in ARC, will remove some of the rule lines and give you the above JSON error. We resolved this, by making it clear within the development team that all rules should only be accessed and edited in ARC and no longer in Architect | Perspectives.