How does Canvas handle internationalization?

I want to change the decimal separator from period to comma.

Hi @jhogewoning,

We are currently looking into this and will review integration with Canvas.



I’m now overriding the default number format like in this how to (to change the thousand separator to ‘.’ and decimal separator to ‘,’):

When I use the Angular number filter it ignores the changed number format:

{{prepProdHours + prepNonProdHours | number:1}}

<tm1-ui-dbr-hidden ng-model="prepProdHours" tm1-instance="dev" tm1-cube="Plan Detail Week Planning" tm1-elements="{{version}},{{page.title.branchB}},Total Day Part, {{day.key}},Total Employees,Productive Hours,Reservation Task Hours"  tm1-data-decimal="1"></tm1-ui-dbr-hidden>

<tm1-ui-dbr-hidden ng-model="prepNonProdHours" tm1-instance="dev" tm1-cube="Plan Detail Week Planning" tm1-elements="{{version}},{{page.title.branchB}},Total Day Part, {{day.key}},Total Employees,B,Reservation Task Hours"    tm1-data-decimal="1"></tm1-ui-dbr-hidden>

What can I do to change this number format?

Hi @jhogewoning,

The number filter is the built in formatter, you need to use formatNumber instead to use the AccountingJS settings.

The example shows a value which is part of a ng-repeat.
formatNumber() is to be used in Javascript. How do I change the formatting of a value in a table (in HTML)?

Hi @jhogewoning,

The Help section of each Canvas application at <Canvas App URL>/#help or http://localhost:8080/samples/#/help of the samples application should help you out on this one:

And for other advance configuration of the underlying library used, checkout the DBR’s tm1-accounting-settings-override property.


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Thanks @plim! I was missing that part.
Works as expected.

Dear all,

how would you generally approach presenting number formatting (both for display and input purposes) in a global application, covering different regional settings acrosss the user base? E.g. TM1Web respects the user’s regional settings for formatting numbers and dates, but how would I achieve the same in Canvas? We have e.g. users in Germany, USA and Latin America and at least 50% of them will not be happy with the decimal and thousands separators if I need to fix them to a pre-defined format.


Hi @andreas.franke,

You will need to set the AccountingJS settings based on the locale for the browser. In client.startup.js add some logic based on navigator.language/navigator.browserLanguage.

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Dear Tim,

thanks for the suggestions. I made some great progress with using ~1600 localization files for angular and embed the right one out of client.startup.js:

        var locale = navigator.language;
	if (locale) {
		document.write('<script src="assets/js/locales/angular-locale_'+locale.toLowerCase()+'.js"><\/script>');

Now this works excellent for every Angular number filter, e.g. “{{cell.value | number: 2}}”.
I checked with different users having different locales, and the users see the expected number formatting, especially the right decimal and thousand separators.

However, I cannot even force any difference for the separators by changing the client.startup.js.

It simply does not affect a tm1-ui-dbr formular at all, although according to Canvas documentation and the posting you attached earlier this would be the way to go. The only way I could make it work was using the “tm1-accounting-settings-override” attribute:


But honestly, I do not want to make this setting for each and every DBR. Is there a known bug in Canvas 2.0.7 related to proper usage of AccountingJS? If even hard-coding the separators in client.startups.js does not have any effect, I do not even think about setting this dynamically from the locale file.

Any further suggestion here?

This is my client.startup.js:

	accounting.settings.currency.format = {pos:'%v', neg:'-%v', zero:'-'};
accounting.settings.currency.precision = 2;
accounting.settings.number.precision = 2;
accounting.settings.number.thousands = '.';
accounting.settings.number.decimal = ',';


Hi @andreas.franke,

The formatting should have for the currency part as well like below:

accounting.settings.currency.thousand = ‘.’;
accounting.settings.currency.decimal = ‘,’;

One more thing, the property name should just be thousand instead of thousands.

Let us know how it goes.