Integrated login with Canvas

Dear Canvas Experts,

We use TM1 security mode 2 i.e. integrated login and native TM1 security. Users login to TM1 Web and Perspectives with their Windows credentials (integrated login) and we continue to use TM1 security for tm1runti.

When I attempt to login to Canvas with Windows credentials, I get the error message: “Invalid credentials. Please check username and/or password.”.

I can see on the Canvas FAQ that mode 2 is supported (

Have I missed a configuration step or mis-read the FAQ? I understand that security mode 2 is really a mix of mode 1 and 3 and mode 3 is not listed as supported so I just want to clarify that as well.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Oliver,

Canvas doesn’t support integrated logins (mode 1) when using native TM1 native security. When using TM1 native security it needs a user name and password. For single sign-on (SSO) you need to use CAM security.