Inserted Column format

Hi Experts,

Just wondering if there is a way to change the format the inserted column as below:

Before inserting:

After inserting:

Basically, I would like this column “Inserted 2” have same format as the “Product” column. I have tried changing in here to figure out what needs to be changed then using css but it’s a lot more complicated. So just wondering if there’s any other easier way.


You can use the GUI to format columns including inserted columns. Let’s insert a column and lookup the color attribute of product with a DBRW formula. 1st change the column name.

Now let’s insert a custom formula in the 1st cell which will automatically fill down.

In the options GUI, under table config select the column format and select the inserted column from the “custom widget columns” dropdown.

Then you can select the cell format picker. Select black-300

The column format is applied. Easy as that.