Initial login load time behind load balancer / reverse proxy

@srichardson just shared a helpful tip with me that may be useful for anyone who is facing poor performance loading the initial UX authentication screen. If your webapp is behind a reverse proxy (e.g., load balancer), you may experience a slowdown (10-20 second delay) after putting in your webapp URL before your UX login screen shows up. Furthermore, there could be additional delays after putting in your login credentials before your webapp finally loads up your homepage.

A trick to reduce these delays is to modify some of the parameters in:

You can set these three parameters to override the values in the file. However, note the caption in the comment that states “changes will no longer be automatically detected in custom files”. Namely, if you are running Gulp and making SCSS changes, they will not be reflected unless you restart the Apliqo Application Server.

Thanks again to @srichardson for sharing this!

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