In migration ignore FORMAT==100 row

In compare of TI processes Pulse ignores property 565.

It should also ignore row 1 of rux files FORMAT==100!

Often when I am doing a migration Pulse gives a false positive for changes to rules and it is all to do with this row. e.g. When doign a migration it is common that every single rule is flagged as changed
yet when you inspect the changes they all look exactly like this …
In other words there is actually no change.

It would be great if Pulse could automatically ignore these as it costs a lot of time to check these just to be convinced that there is nothing to worry about as nothing actually changed.

Could I get a quick feedback on this one, is it a worthy enhancement?

Hi @cw-ch,

There shouldn’t be a difference between the two files on that line, it looks like there must be hidden characters making them “different”. We need to know what that is before we can fix it. Pulse has for many years taken into account a BOM encoding at the start of files.

Where I have realized it is happening is mixed environments where one server is PA 2.0.3+ and the other is 2.0.2 or 10.2.2.

In this instance where migrating across versions

  • each and every rule is flagged as changed on the FORMAT==100 row
  • each and every TI process is flagged as changed in the row for property 601 (601,100)

In each case there doesn’t actually look to be any difference between the test files. So it seems there is some encoding difference between 10.2.2 & 2.0.2 vs. 2.0.3

You can unzip the migration packages and then view them in Notepad++ to see the encoding: