Impersonate Option Doesn't Always Appear

Hi Cubewisers,

We’ve noticed that the “Impersonate” option in UX doesn’t always appear in the user menu for admins. Occasionally it will but mostly it is missing:

We’re on 2023.05 FP1 and I thought there was a fix for this in this latest fix pack but is this still a known bug?


Hi David,

There was an issue with impersonation in 2023.05 but this is all fixed in 2023.05 FP1 and I haven’t had any issues with this feature myself.

The impersonate feature is only available for Admin users. Note that this means “true admin” users; members of the ADMIN group.

  • For the impersonation feature to be offered the user must be a member of ADMIN in the content store instance
  • For impersonation to work the user must also be a member of ADMIN on all other instances used in the application
  • Also note that impersonation is not possible of another admin user. Only non.admin users can be impersonated.

I’d also add that impersonation doesn’t work when SSO is used.

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@ubozkurt thanks for your reply, that would be our issue then, we are running IntegratedSecurityMode=5 with Okta verification. In saying that, we can impersonate through Arc which is interesting.