Impersonate mode

I believe the answer is currently no, but is there a way to do impersonate mode with ApliqoUX? If not, can we request that this feature is added? I use impersonate mode a lot for testing in Arc, and I just noticed the latest release of TM1py (1.6) includes options for impersonate mode. It would be nice to have this same capability for testing ApliqoUX interfaces.

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The answer is currently no but it is on the roadmap for exactly the use case you mention. When the report builder is in the admin group it is a nice feature to be able to test a screen as the end user to make sure that there are no missing security permissions which prevent things from working.

I may stand to be corrected by @tganz but I think the timeline is probably for the May 2021 release.

Nice! I took a screenshot just in case! :slight_smile: