Ignore }src_dim and }src_cube like processes

Is it any way to ignore/skip/not log the processes like }src_dim and }src_cube?
I understand that they are Pulse 5.8 driven, but I don’t want them to pollute the Pulse Message Log nor the log files and want to get rid of them. These additional log lines useless increase tm1server.log and also the Pulse history csv zipped files.

Hi @cpopa,

What is the current Change Frequency setting set to under Documentation/Change tracking settings?

Pulse 5.8.X defaults to 30 seconds.
Perhaps one could set it to longer intervals thereby reducing the number of times the }src_* processes runs when Pulse picks up there is a change.
( More detail in article below )

Processes (be it Pulse related or not) are recorded by the tm1 server itself.
Not sure if there is a way to handle control that aspect maybe through the tm1s-log.properties file.



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Yes, that makes sense.
Thank you @gpool.