If formula based on dimension

Hi experts,

I would like your help on how I can create an “IF” formula based on Dimension.

For example: IF(Year=2016, “FY16”,IF(Year=2017,“FY27”,“N/A”))

Is this possible to incorporate “IF” formula in DBRW formula?


Hi @New ,

to reference a dimension that is on the filters, on the DBRW formula, you just need to use the “Settings Service”, which basically is a way to have variables where those values are stored for each dimension.

In your example, you can reference the Year dim by using the syntax $<<UX_Demo.Year.Year>>
this will be the 2016 value assigned…

an example of it can be found in the UX Samples, Formulas, DBRW.

might be worth reading the Documentation about the Settings Service:


hope this helps!

Thanks @rmazziero !