IE left navigation issue fixed

Please see the fix for left navigation issue in IE.
To fix the issue please add the following code to the app.js file on line 374

$rootScope.navisopened = true;
document.getElementById(“left-nav-section-v2”).style.width = "300px”;



I encounter the same issue with IE 11 and I have included the code as suggested.
Using the sample model as an example, when I click on the 3 line button, a blank white background slide out and when I move the mouse to the home button, the menu only appears correctly. How can I fix this so that when I click on the 3 line button, the entire navigation slide out ?

	$rootScope.showTooltip = function(numbover, name){

		//winson Changes for side menu
		$rootScope.navisopened = true;
		document.getElementById("left-nav-section-v2").style.width = "300px";
		// Find the scroll value of the mini nav
			var offsetnavscroll = document.getElementById("left-nav-section-v2").scrollTop;
		$rootScope.numHover = parseInt(numbover) + 1;
		if(document.getElementById("mininavinternal").getElementsByTagName("li").length > 1){
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.display = "block";
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.opacity = 1;			 
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.marginLeft = "0px";
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.backgroundColor = window.getComputedStyle( document.getElementsByClassName("navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top")[0], null).getPropertyValue('background-color');
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.color = window.getComputedStyle( document.body, null).getPropertyValue('color');
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip") = (parseInt(150)-(offsetnavscroll)) + (parseInt(numbover) * parseInt($rootScope.tmpheight, 10)) + "px";
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").innerHTML = "<p style='padding:5px;'>" + name + "</p>";
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.width = "auto";
				document.getElementById("mini-tooltip").style.borderColor = "transparent";

Hi @wlee,

Depending on your version, that should be placed after the following lines:

				document.getElementById("page-wrapper").style.marginLeft = "60px";	

// below is the location of the fix
	$rootScope.navisopened = true;
	document.getElementById("left-nav-section-v2").style.width = "300px";

But also note that the above is in the build already and should be part of the next release.