IE 11 Invalid argument at text



Hi Guys,

We are having a problem at a customer specifically for IE 11 where we use the tm1-placeholder attribute on the tm1-ui-dbr directives.

We traced it to this function in libs.js:

IE11 seems to error if one uses “placeholder=” inside a textarea container which you close with a ‘textarea’ tag.
(i have put some web references a bit further down)

Using Developer tools and a find on shows that the html page contains 15 results – the exact number of errors IE throws out when loading that page.

This error does not occur in EDGE or chrome.
The customer has plans to upgrade to EDGE, but this is unfortunately only a couple of months after the go live date of the project :slight_smile:

Is there perhaps a workaround for the short term?

References found of the problem on the web:



Hi @gpool,

Even though the error is being thrown at the console, the functionality of the DBR and that placeholder still works on IE11.

Is that the case also on the client’s PC? So from a functionality point of view, it does not need a workaround.

How is the performance? Any significant difference if using a non-multi line approach?



Hi Paul,

We did more investigating yesterday and seems for the specific users that were having the problem, there was a security rule on a shared dimension that was blocking them for the specific page.

Yes performance wise it is OK.

All the errors in the browser console log is not ideal though, as it raised questions from the customers side.

A non-multi line approach is unfortunately not feasible in this situation, but will keep in mind for future situations.