IBCS format in UX not displaying

Hi, I am building a dashboard in UX, trying to use ibcsClass, it is setup using exact words as per the demo UX model, it works on the headers of my tables, but try what I may, I am not getting it to show on any of the charts I am using. Setup of the charts is the same as per the demo as well.

setting on the left from my dashboard, setting on the right from the Waterfall Drill & Improvements on the demo.

I have got a custom colour scheme on the page, but that is only related to the display colours. Any other place I need to check?

the ibcs classes only drive the column headers in the table component. The charts will pick up an attribute “Color” if set on the dimension.

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Thanks Andreas.

Should have checked all the attributes.

Hi @aalex,

The chart will only pick up the color if the dimension is on rows. Is there a way to force the colors to be driven from the attribute no matter which axis the dimension is placed?

ps: I don’t want to hardcode it but similar to the table conditional formatting?