Hyperlinks to Other Screens (View / Wizard / Dashboard)


I would like to have a button in the toolbar that takes the user to another screen (view / wizard / dashboard). Is this possible?

There are two reasons I ask.

  1. I would have liked to have had a wizard pop up from the toolbar, but this isn’t possible, so if I can have a button that takes me to another screen, it would be a nicer way for the user to navigate.
  2. I would like to switch between 2/3 different views. They would be different structurally (probably same title selections), so it’s not a case of changing selections. A bit like having a detailed tab and summary tab in Excel / TM1Web. It would be a nicer way for the user to navigate.

Is there a better way to achieve this in UX?


Hi @R.B,

At the moment we still dont have the option create a toolbar pop-up button that will act as navigation to a different view - but I’m happy to add it to our list :slight_smile:

however - from what you describe , it seems the wizard could give you similar experience.

you can build a wizard with those 2/3 views ,
hide the wizard navigation bar , and even the wizard side bar ,
so the user can just use the next / back button for navigation between those views.

You can even override the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ button to per specific wizard step.

hope it helps

“wizard”: {
“hideHeader”: false,
“hideIndicators”: true,
“hideSidebar”: true}

Hi @tganz

I could probably use the wizard with the hidden header and side bars as you suggest if I want two “tabs”. Can there be multiple buttons, or is it limited to back, next and cancel?

In the other scenario, I want to use the wizard as a wizard, what I’m looking for is an easy way to take the user there. E.g. I have a view with the details of a list of current employees and I want to easily take the user to a wizard where they can step through multiple steps. How can I do this?


The wizard only has back, next & cancel button placeholders. But you can relabel them with whatever text you want.

I have added “navigation button” to the enhancement list.
Right now there isn’t a “one click” way to achieve this from within the starting screen as we don’t yet have wizard available as a popup (also on enhancement list). So you would need to either navigate there via the menu bar. Or if your starting screen is a dashboard rather than a view then you could use a custom html widget and place the navigation links there.
In this case would changing the design to have 2 table or toolbar popups work? (each with the different row/column configuration).

I think I need to use a view for the sub-view functionality.

Can you point me at an example for the navigation links, i.e. what would the html look like?


You can look at the custom html examples in the UX Demo application but they are pretty basic. However the point of the html widget is that you can do whatever you want, be it integrating a custom Canvas page or your Amazon wishlist or whatever.

URL shortcuts to views or dashboards need to follow the following format

http://cloud.apliqo.ch/ApliqoUX/#!/main/fin/app/a17/a17.v1/Dashboard? http://cloud.apliqo.ch/ApliqoUX/#!/main/fin/app/a14/a14.v2/View?

The rest of the URL specifying all the filter dimension elements will be filled automatically by the settings service when following the URL.

For wizards it is a bit different as a wizard is basically a container around content that comprises of either dashboards or views. e.g.
So here you need to identify first that the target is a wizard, then identify the root of the wizard, followed by the stepID & substepID then the pageType depending if the substep type is view or dashboard.

Alternatively, you can maybe set a navigation from dimension in the row to navigate to the wizard. So the user can drill through the detailed tabs (or next steps in the wizard).

Advanced settings of your source view/dashboard

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Good point. This would work.


I’m trying to create a menu with hyperlinks to views / wizards, in which the following hyperlink works. Is it possible to pass in the title element that I want to be selected?

<a ui-sref="apq-c3-app({app:'a1',initView:'a1.v3',viewType:'Dashboard'})" ui-sref-opts="{reload: true, notify:true}" class="ng-binding" href="#!/main/fin/app/a1/a1.v3/Dashboard">Trends</a>