Hyperlink to Change Filters - Charts Not Refreshing

Hello Experts,

We have a series of dashboards with a combination of tables and charts. Many of the charts are linked to a global cost centre filter and show the children of whatever is selected in the global filter. Most of the charts have been configured with the “Hyperlink to change filters” option on the cost centre dimension.

We’re finding a strange issue on one of our dashboards. On most of the dashboards, this works as expected, i.e. a user clicks on one of the columns in a chart representing a cost centre consolidation, the global filter updates accordingly, and the whole dashboard refreshes. However, on one dashboard, when clicking on the column the global filter updates but only the table widgets refresh, the chart widgets remain as they are.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? I have cross-checked all settings between dashboards and everything looks the same. Is there something I’m overlooking that may be causing this?


Please ignore this post as it has suddenly started working (spent over an hour trying to debug it…). No idea why though :thinking: