Hyperlink open as new window or tab

Hi all,

We have a scenario where we may need to have a link to another website, however, when clicking the hyperlink on UX, it is opening on the same window/tab, therefore if I want to navigate back, UX returns to the main page, and I would need to do many clicks to get to where I want to be, this is not ideal as user experience.

So I am wondering if it is possible to click on a hyperlink, and then it opens as a new window or new browser tab?



Just train the users to hold down ctrl key while clicking the link?

<a href="website-link-goes-here" target="_blank">

This should open in a new tab. Key is target=“_blank”

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Thanks @mweller

We also did something similar, wrote a rule to build up the URL, and then use that on UX hyperlink.

On a related topic, is there any way where the href hyperlink on the rows can open a new tab which takes on the existing settings service values of the first page? As an example:

  • first page contains a “Product” global filter which is set to “Product A”
  • rows on first page are hyperlinks with “_blank” that redirect to second page
  • second page also has a “Product” global filter
  • on using the row hyperlinks to navigate from the first to second page, the selection of “Product A” does not carry over in the “Product” global filter
  • if we want to hardcode the global filter selection, we can append “INST.DIM.HIER=ProductA” to the end of the URL but could we make this dynamic based on the product dim selection on the first page?

I don’t think this idea will work as the settings service only exists once in the browser and not once per tab. You might be able to open a new tab and set the setting service variables to what you want but if you go back to the first tab and refresh then the new variables will be set there too.

thanks @cw-ch for the context, that makes since that each tab is treated as a separate session

Is it necessary to go to a totally new browser page?

Have you considered displaying the 2nd dataset in a pop up (modal) from the current page?

Hi @jtuckerman

Yes, a pop-up would be more appropriate, however, since the place the hyperlink located is already a pop-up, so we cannot do a pop-up on another pop-up, therefore opening to a new tab became a more obvious option or a neater option.



You should be able to open another modal from another.

Regardless, have you considered a tabbed modal:

We don’t offer a tabbed popup as a standard UX component. It is possible to have a wizard in a popup and thereby achieve a tabbed modal window but it requires a lot of hardcoding of page ids.