How to use tm1-api in DBR and what to do with it? Any documentation?

Hi there,

I always wanted to check what the tm1-api attribute is good for in a tm1-ui-dbr. Is there any documentation available? Canvas help does not give much information here.

Not sure if the tm1-api can somehow be used to achieve the following. Of course, any other idea to come to the same result also very welcome:

I have a DBR which users can directly enter, working as usual. However, next to this DBR, there is a complex dropdown menu where the user can pick from. Selected value is available in a JavaScript function, so far so good. But now how to put this value into the DBR? Workaround is to use a $tm1Ui.cellPut(…) and call a $tm1Ui.dataRefresh() afterwards, but that seems a quite heavy operation, not very fast when there are a lot of DBRs on one screen.

However, even if tm1-api cannot help here, I’m still interested to learn more about.


Hi @andreas.franke,

For the tm1-api attribute, you can check some samples from the DBR page in the samples application, in particular, the Additional DBR APIs, that is directly applied panel.


There are two functions exposed as of this time. These can be found in the Description part, in the Help section for the tm1-ui-dbr.

As for updating specific group of DBRs, applying a group into it might be able to help out. You can then use $tm1Ui.dataRefresh(< group-name >); afterwards.

You can checkout http://localhost:8080/samples/#/sample/component/dbr-group-update for an example on how to utilize the DBR Grouping feature.