How to rewind server state back more than 10 mins

Hi Team,

I have 2 questions about live monitor.

  1. The default we can rewind back to last 10 mins. How to rewind back more than 10 mins?
  2. In our sever, we can rewind only 6 mins (not 10 mins) and this happened with all instances.
    I’m not sure I did anything wrong or not.


Hi @Siroyuth ,

To rewind the server state, I would recommend to use the Pulse Explorer. To access it go to Reports > Pulse Explorer:


Then I would start with the Dashboard called Live Monitor:

By default, it will show the past 15 min but you can update the period to add more time if you need:

More information about the Pulse Explorer can be find in the following article:

I hope this help,




Hi Vincent,

Thank you your information.
Can you share us why we can rewind only 6 mins in Pulse Live monitor? Do we need to change any configuration?


Hi @Siroyuth ,

The Live Monitor in the Web client is caching 10 min of data. It will start caching the information when you open it. If you opened it 2 min ago, it will have only 2 min of data.

That is why I would recommend using the Live Monitor from the Pulse Explorer where you can go back in time as much as you want.

The Live Monitor in the Web Client is great to see Live data, what is happening right now. If you want to rewind, you should go to the Pulse Explorer.



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You can even go back hours, days, weeks, months and even years if you want.



Thanks @Vincent @ecarmona