How to review / debug rowData / / data in ActiveForm V1.2?

Sorry for asking that stupid question:

Dealing with ActiveForm V1.2 since a couple of days, how would I investigate the data retrieved by the AF’s query?
In earlier versions, I could just output {{rowData}} variable (or even {{data}}) and inspect the result in my browser. But in V1.2, the result seems to be a JavaScript object with attributes and methods rather than a JSON. Which for sure has good reasons, but inspecting and debugging the retrieved information got now a more complex topic. I’m caught in IE / Edge due to company policy, and most debugging hints are focued on Chrome, for that reason I was so happy just dumping the JSON to the browser output.

Any suggestion? Right now I feel blind.


Hi @andreas.franke ,

This will apply in general, if the object or Angular model that you are trying to check is not showing up in the browser via HTML, you can still view them from the console by temporarily introducing a button for example, to call when the data is available.

In our Active Form example, adding a button like so:

<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary" ng-click="checkAF(data)">Check</button>

And adding a function on a controller that the active form can use like:

$scope.checkAF = function(data){;

Should be able to now show you in console the following for your check:


Dear Paul,

thanks, YMMD! Works perfectly.