How to enable the "Toggle column filters" button?

How to enable the “Toggle column filters” button?

I couldn’t see any advanced options to enable/disable the button. In my own app, this button does not appear by default.

That looks like a dashboard widget.
Toggling row and column elements via toolbar dropdown subset selection is only available in views in all versions up to and including 2.5.
The next update release should include the ability to do this in widgets as well (as well as other features that are in views but missing in grid widgets such as cross-drill and table popups).

The 2 ways you could simulate or come close to what you want in the current version is to either add a helper dimension to the global filter (which contains elements that are subset names in the column dimension) and use that to drive MDX for the columns. Or to use a javascript function.

Hi Scott,

I am referring to toggling the filtering options not the subset selection. And it works on Dashboard widgets as far as I can see on the demo (version: 2.5.1). What I am wondering is how do I activate this button in an existing dashboard (I cannot see the button at all)? I can see however, If I create a new widget in an existing dashboard/wizard which appears automatically.

Ahh. I misunderstood your question and somehow thought you were talking about subsets.

There is a advanced option property columnFilterButtonEnabled. I guess you have this set to false if the button is not displaying.

"gridWidget": {
    "searchEnabled": false,
    "exportToExcel": true,
    "columnFilterButtonEnabled": false

Ok so I didn’t have the columnFilterButtonEnabled property in the advanced option but below parameter was overruling even tho I specify “columnFilterButtonEnabled”: true.

"filters": false