How to enable or add new TM1 servers

In Pulse 6 when I click on Admin > Servers I a list of TM1 servers - only 4 of which are checked. These are the only 4 that show up on Dashboard. I tried checking others but nothing happens.

Also, I clicked on New to try add another TM1 server but the screen that popped up didn’t feel right.

Is there documentation for Pulse 6?

Hi @crothman,

Try going to Administration > Instance Settings. Select the desired instance there, then click “Active” mark in Settings. Provide and save the admin credentials there. Hope that helps.

Thanks! That worked!!

Any idea as to my 2nd question? I was wanting to add my laptop as a server so I could see my TM1 servers.

Hi @crothman,

In terms of what you are trying to do for your second question, and on the assumption that the Pulse Server you are accessing above is not running from your laptop, these things must happen:

  • Pulse Monitor must be installed on your laptop
  • Your laptop is accessible via port 8094 from that remote Pulse Server you are trying to connect it to
  • You will then need to add your Pulse Monitor into the Administrations > Servers page.

The Pulse Monitor URL is usually


This an architecture article about it:

Pulse for TM1 - Architecture - Cubewise CODE

The rest of the articles is also in the above website.

TM1/PA Servers are picked up by the Pulse Monitor installed on that server. What you can add now to Pulse are Monitors which in turn are the ones picking up the TM1/PA Servers for you.



Yes, after downloading Pulse, inside the Pulse.6.0.1.exe folder, you will find the QuickStartGuide.pdf:


All the content from this PDF is also available in the following Help article:

There are also many help articles in the Help section on the website:

All these Help articles can be found in Google search. Just google your question and you should find the relevant article.

If you can’t find it then post your question here and we will help you.

Your answer about the “checked instances” can be found in this article: Choose which instance should be monitored by Pulse - Cubewise CODE

I hope this help,



Thank you! Yes that definitely helps.