How to add a button to open a folder (to show list of files on the screen) when click

May I know how to create a button to open a path/folder that show a list of files/folders when click it? Please advise. Thanks.


It isn’t clear at all what you want to achieve here! Display a list of files, … from what folder? … for what purpose?

Apliqo UX is a web application which deals with displaying (and inputting) data from/to a Planning Analytics/TM1 database(s). Generally files on your local file system or shared network drive are not relevant in this context.

There is some ability to navigate files and upload either files or data to the Apliqo UX application:

  • The media upload widget allows a media file (gif, jpg, mpeg, pdf, etc.) to be uploaded and displayed in the frame of the widget. Allowed file types for upload is configurable, but not all file types will be able to have their content be displayed.
  • The Excel upload widget allows a Excel file to be selected as a data source for inputting data (the row and column headers of the table in Excel much match elements (or aliases) of the dimensions defined on rows & columns in the widget settings.